Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning and the Type of Processing-Resource Allocation Model
Shusaku Kida
Hiroshima University
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This paper argues the nature of adult foreign or second language (L2) vocabulary learning and points out the importance of word-form learning at the initial stage of vocabulary development. The Type of Processing-Resource Allocation (TOPRA) model is introduced as a prominent theoretical framework to capture it. Finally, some future studies are proposed to reinforce TOPRA-based studies with respect to (1) types of vocabulary processing tasks and (2) dimensions of vocabulary development.

L2 vocabulary learning, form-meaning connection, the type of processing-resource allocation model, semantic and structural processing, acquisition of word knowledge and fluent processing

Kida, S. (2019). Foreign language vocabulary learning and the Type of Processing-Resource Allocation Model. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 8 (1), 76–82.