JALT Vocab SIG: 2022 Symposium

Professor Kyle is no longer attending in person, and will be discussing the speakers’ work via Zoom.
To accomodate the time difference, the Advances in Vocabulary Research strand will now be in the morning.
Furthermore, Dr Joseph P. Vitta will host a Q&A session with Dr Kyle.

VLI 10(2): McLean et al. (2021)

The Internal Consistency and Accuracy of Automatically Scored Written Receptive Meaning-Recall Data: A Preliminary Study
Stuart McLean a, Paul Raine b, Geoffrey Pinchbeck c, Laura Hunston d, Young Ae Kim e, Suzuka Nishiyama a, and Shotaro Ueno f
aMomoyama Gakuin University; bKeio University; cCarleton University; dJosai International University; eKyoto Seika University; fHirakata Junior High School
doi: https://doi.org/10.7820/vli.v10.2.mclean
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VLI 10(2): Kramer et al. (2021)

Measuring Attrition of L2 Productive Vocabulary Knowledge Over the Summer Vacation
Brandon Kramer a, Tohru Matuso b, Aaron C. Sponseller b, Young Ae Kim c, Suzuka Nishiyama d, and Stuart McLean d
aKwansei Gakuin University; bOsaka Jogakuin University & Junior College; cKyoto Seika University; dMomoyama Gakuin University
doi: https://doi.org/10.7820/vli.v10.2.kramer
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