VLI – Issue 06 (2) – 2017

Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 6, Number 2
December 2017
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v06.2.2187-2759

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Table of contents

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Letter from the 2017 Vocabulary SIG Symposium Organizers
Brandon Kramer & Stuart McLean
Sixth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Morning session: Vocabulary Acquisition
L2 Lexical Attrition and Vocabulary Re-learning in Three L1 English L2 Japanese Children
Jenifer Larson-Hall
1-7 pdf
Impact of talker variability on L2 word recognition among Japanese EFL learners
Noriko Matsuda
8-22 pdf
Emotion-Involved Semantic Processing and L2 Vocabulary Memory: A Micro-Level Emotion Manifesto
Yu Kanazawa
23-30 pdf
Using Cognitive Linguistic Principles to Encourage Production of Metaphorical Vocabulary in Writing
Phil Bennett
31-39 pdf
Vocabulary Instruction and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies
David Beglar
40-45 pdf
Sixth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Afternoon session: Corpus Linguistics in Vocabulary Education
Initial Evaluation of AWSuM: A Pilot Study
Atsushi Mizumoto
46-51 pdf
Coverage-based Frequency Bands: A Proposal
Dale Brown
52-60 pdf
Discovering Language Properties through Corpus-Based Dictionary Data Analysis
Paul A. Lyddon
61-70 pdf
Measuring the Vocabulary Burden of Popular English Songs
Rick Romanko
71-78 pdf
Corpus Linguistics and Vocabulary: A Commentary on Four Studies
Laurence Anthony
72-79 pdf