VLI 3(2): Hirai (2014)

A Review of Four Studies on Measuring Vocabulary Knowledge
Akiyo Hirai
University of Tsukuba
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v03.2.hirai
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The purpose of this paper is to review each of the following four
vocabulary studies: (1) Estimations of Japanese University Learners’
English Vocabulary Sizes Using the Vocabulary Size Test (VST), by Stuart
McLean, Nicholas Hogg, and Brandon Kramer; (2) Local Item Dependence
on the Vocabulary Levels Test (VLT) Revisited, by Tadamitsu
Kamimoto; (3) Test Taking and DK Use on the VST, by Dawn Lucovich;
(4) Estimating Learners’ Vocabulary Size under Item Response Theory
(IRT), by Aaron Gibson.

Hirai, A. (2014). A Review of Four Studies on Measuring Vocabulary Knowledge. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 3 (2), 85-92. doi: 10.7820/vli.v03.2.hirai