VLI 3(2): Laufer (2014)

Vocabulary in a Second Language: Selection, Acquisition, and Testing: A Commentary on Four Studies for JALT Vocabulary SIG
Batia Laufer
University of Haifa
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v03.2.laufer
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Four papers by Charles Browne, Rachael Ruegg & Cherie Brown, Makoto
Yoshii and Junko Yamashita were presented in the morning session of the
Third Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Vocabulary Symposium in Fukuoka,
Japan on June 14, 2014. As discussant, it is my pleasure to comment upon
each manuscript. These lexical researchers originate from all over Japan:
Tokyo, Akita, Kumamoto and Nagoya. Their lexical topics are related to
three themes that are central to vocabulary research: selection, acquisition
and testing. The papers are concerned with the types of words that should
be selected for teaching, with the optimal conditions for vocabulary
acquisition and with instruments that measure lexical proficiency, or are
used in lexical research. After commenting on each paper in turn, I shall
present a few suggestions for their future research.

Laufer, B. (2014). Vocabulary in a second language: selection, acquisition, and testing: a commentary on four studies for JALT vocabulary SIG. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 3 (2), 3846. doi: 10.7820/vli.v03.2.laufer