VLI 3(2): Lucovich (2014)

Test Taking and DK Use on the Vocabulary Size Test
Dawn Lucovich
Teachers College Columbia University, The Writing Center
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v03.2.lucovich
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This study continued an investigation of test strategy and usage of an
‘‘I don’t know’’ (DK) option on the 20,000-word family, 100-item
Vocabulary Size Test (VST; Nation & Beglar, 2007). Unlike previous
studies, which reported on an L1 American English user (Lucovich,
2014), the participants in this study were two L1 GreekL2 American
English users. Each participant took the original and DK-added versions
of the VST. A structured qualitative interview, based on Nagy, Herman,
and Anderson’s (1985) word interview protocol and piloted in previous
studies, asked the participants about their answers on the VST. This study
aimed to discover how non-Japanese L1/non-English L1 test takers
determined their answers, how they qualitatively perceived and used the
DK option, and whether this differed from the L1 American English and
L1 Japanese users of English. As in previous studies, the participants used
the DK option only on unknown items where partial knowledge or test
taking strategies were unusable.

Lucovich, D. (2014). Test taking and DK use on the vocabulary size test. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 3 (2), 69-77. doi: 10.7820/vli.v03.2.lucovich