VLI 4(1): Koizumi (2015)

Second Language Vocabulary Assessment Studies: Validity Evidence and Future Directions
Rie Koizumi
Juntendo University
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v04.1.koizumi
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In this study, I review four papers by Stoeckel and Bennett; Shin;
McDonald and Asaba; and McLean, Kramer, and Stewart. I will then
summarize the validation evidence reported in each paper, in order to
argue for the validity of the interpretations of the test scores as well as the
uses of the tests considered in these four studies. This will help clarify
areas of future research and strengthen the need for ties between
specialists in the field of second language vocabulary assessment and
general language assessment.

Koizumi, R. (2015). Second language vocabulary assessment studies: validity evidence and future directions. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 4 (1), 36-46. doi: 10.7820/vli.v04.1.koizumi