VLI 5(1): McDonald & Asaba (2016)

‘‘I Don’t Know’’ Use and Guessing on the Bilingual Japanese Vocabulary Size Test: Clarifications and Limitations

Kurtis McDonald (a) and Mayumi Asaba (b)
(a) Kobe College; (b) Kwansei Gakuin University
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v05.1.mcdonald.asaba
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This paper offers a response to Hutchinson’s comments on our
preliminary report of ‘‘I don’t know’’ use and guessing on the bilingual
Japanese Vocabulary Size Test (VST), which was published in Vocabulary
Learning and Instruction. In particular, it provides greater clarification of
the English proficiency levels used throughout that paper and a
reiteration of what we see as its key findings regarding the range of
vocabulary size estimates that were able to be calculated for the
participants. Finally, it addresses the methodological limitations of
the original study, which, we believe, reduce any determinations about
the participants’ personality types or general test-taking behaviors to
mere speculation.

McDonald, K., & Asaba, M. (2016). ‘‘I don’t know’’ use and guessing on the bilingual Japanese vocabulary size test: Clarifications and limitations. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 5 (1), 34-39. doi: 10.7820/vli.v05.1.mcdonald.asaba