VLI 8(1): Kitano & Chiba (2019)

Comparing the Effectiveness of Word Cards and List Learning with Japanese Learners of English
Magda L. Kitano and Katsuhiro Chiba
Bunkyo University
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This study investigated the recall of words learned through two deliberate
learning techniques, word cards and list learning. While the literature
points to word cards as being more effective, Japanese learners
of English are seen to prefer list learning, which may indicate unique
learning styles stemming from a non-alphabetic L1. To test the efficiency
of the two techniques for Japanese learners, 25 university students
of varying English proficiency were divided into four groups.
Following the within-subject design, all groups were subjected to both
treatments. Twenty low-frequency English words were learned within
a 20-min period using one method, and then 20 more words were similarly
learned with the other method. Subjects were tested immediately
after the treatments, after a 20-min distraction period, and after an interval
of 2 weeks. Results from all three testing stages indicated that list
learning was more effective than word cards for these students.

deliberate learning; word cards; list learning; Japanese learners

Kitano, M. L., & Chiba, K. (2019). Comparing the effectiveness of word cards and list learning with Japanese learners of English. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 8 (1), 70–75. https://doi.org/10.7820/vli.v08.1.kitano.chiba