VLI 8(1): Larson-Hall (2019)

Vocabulary Instruction and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies
Jenifer Larson-Hall
University of Kitakyushu
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Four papers were presented by Shusaku Kida, Magda Kitano
and KatsuhiroChiba, Tim Stoeckel, and Raymond Stubbe. In this article,
my thoughts about the issues raised in these thought-provoking
papers about vocabulary resource processing allocation and the Type of
Processing Resource Allocation (TOPRA) model, the use of flashcards
in vocabulary learning, an empirical evaluation of the New General
Service List (NGSL), and the use of yes–no checklists for multi-word
units are given. The first paper provided some theoretical underpinnings
for thinking about vocabulary acquisition, while the last three papers
were valuable for their extremely timely and practical examination
of issues that are highly important for the acquisition of vocabulary.

Larson-Hall, J. (2019). Vocabulary Instruction and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 8 (1), 83–95. doi: 10.7820/vli.v08.1.larson-hall