VLI: Issue 11(2)


Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 11, Number 2 December 2022
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Letter from the Editors
Christopher Nicklin and Joseph P. Vitta


Tenth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Morning Session:
Advances in Vocabulary Research


Modeling Lexical and Phraseological Sophistication in Oral Proficiency Interviews: A Conceptual Replication
Masaki Eguchi

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Research Syntheses in L2 Vocabulary Research: A Scoping Review
Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Joseph P. Vitta, and Christopher Nicklin

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Rater Judgments and Word Difficulty: Conceptualizing the Substantive Validity of the VST
Derek N. Canning, Stuart McLean, and Joseph P. Vitta

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Some Trends in Vocabulary Research: A Discussion of Three Papers Presented at the JALT Vocabulary SIG
Kristopher Kyle

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Tenth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Afternoon Session: Vocabulary Learning


Vocabulary Learning Outside of the Classroom: Institutional Use of a Spaced Repetition
Kevin Mueller and George Hays

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Developing a Discipline-Specific Corpus and High-Frequency Word List for Science and Engineering Students in Graduate School
Suwako Uehara, Hibiya Haraki, and Stuart McLean

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Rasch-Based Instrument Validations for an Augmented Reality Vocabulary
Acquisition Experiment
Adam Dabrowski

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Orthographic Processing of Proper Names: A Proposal to Investigate the Orthographic Cue for Second Language Readers
Kimberly Klassen

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A Commentary on Four Papers in the Second Language Vocabulary Learning Strand for the JALT Vocabulary SIG
Junko Yamashita

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