VLI – Issue 04 (1) – 2015

Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 4, Number 1
October 2015
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v04.1.2187-2759
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Table of contents

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Letter from the Editor
Raymond Stubbe
A Test of the New General Service List
Tim Stoeckel & Phillip Bennett
1-8 pdf
Psychometric Properties of Word Association Test with Regard to Adolescent EFL Learners
Hye Won Shin
9-15 pdf
“I Don’t Know” Use and Guessing on the Bilingual Japanese Vocabulary Size Test: A Preliminary Report
Kurtis McDonald & Mayumi Asaba
16-25 pdf
An Empirical Examination of the Effect of Guessing on Vocabulary Size Test Scores
Stuart McLean, Brandon Kramer & Jeffrey Stewart
26-35 pdf
Second Language Vocabulary Assessment Studies: Validity Evidence and Future Directions
Rie Koizumi
36-46 pdf
An Investigation of Different Text Levels on L2 Learners’ Vocabulary Learning Rates in an Extensive Reading Program
Anna C-S. Chang
47-57 pdf
Measuring Knowledge of Words with Multiple Meanings
Yuko Hoshino
58-65 pdf
Are Learners Aware of Effective Ways to Learn Second Language Vocabulary from Retrieval? Perceived Effects of Relative Spacing, Absolute Spacing, and Feedback Timing on Vocabulary Learning
Tatsuya Nakata
66-73 pdf
Mastery Sentences: A Window into the Interplay between Word Knowledge Types
Andrew Gallacher
74-82 pdf
Researching Vocabulary in the EFL Context: A Commentary on Four Studies for JALT Vocabulary SIG
Stuart Webb
83-94 pdf