Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 5, Number 1
December 2016
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v05.1.2187-2759

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Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor
Raymond Stubbe

A Lexical Network Approach to the Acquisition of English Verbs of Memory: The Case of Japanese Learners
Shun Morimoto

Loanwords for Language Learners: Help or Hindrance?
Kaori Nakao

Book Review: Tools for Researching Vocabulary. P.M. Meara & I. Miralpeix (2017).
Review by Jon Clenton

Commentary: “I Don’t Know” Use and Guessing on the Bilingual Japanese Vocabulary Size Test: Clarifications and Limitations
Kurtis McDonald and Mayumi Asaba

Report on Vocab@Tokyo
Rob Waring