Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 8, Number 1 March 2019
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7820/vli.v08.1.2187-2759

Full issue:  VLI 8_1

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor
Raymond Stubbe

Seventh Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Morning Session: Vocabulary
and Corpus Linguistics

A Reconsideration of the Construct of “A Vocabulary for Japanese Learners of English”:
A Critical Comparison of the JACET Wordlists and New General Service Lists (1)
Shin’ichiro Ishikawa

Validating the Construct of Readability in EFL Contexts: A Proposal for Criteria (8)
Geoffrey G. Pinchbeck

Toward Written Error Correction with a Japanese-English Parallel Corpus:
Data-Driven Learning in the Japanese EFL Classroom (17)
Michael McGuire

Evaluating Corpora with Word Lists and Word Difficulty (29)
Brent A. Culligan

Commentary on Four Studies for JALT Vocabulary SIG (39)
Yukio Tono

Seventh Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Afternoon Session: Vocabulary
Learning and Assessment

An Examination of the New General Service List (53)
Tim Stoeckel

Evaluating the Efficacy of Yes–No Checklist Tests to Assess Knowledge of
Multi-Word Lexical Units (62)
Raymond Stubbe and Yumiko Cochrane

Comparing the Effectiveness of Word Cards and List Learning with
Japanese Learners of English (70)
Magda L. Kitano and Katsuhiro Chiba

Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning and the Type of Processing-Resource
Allocation Model (76)
Shusaku Kida

Vocabulary Instruction and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies (83)
Jenifer Larson-Hall