VLI: Issue 10(1)


Vocabulary Learning and Instruction
Volume 10, Number 1 December 2021
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Table of contents


Letter from the Editors
Joseph P. Vitta and Christopher Nicklin


Challenges in the Assumptions of Using a Flemma-based Word Counting Unit
Tomoko Ishii, Phil Bennett, and Tim Stoeckel

1-15 pdf

Predicting Japanese Primary Schoolchildren’s English Vocabulary Knowledge from a Sound-Meaning Recognition Test
Kohei Kanayama

16-29 pdf

Longitudinal Measurement of the Vocabulary Size of Japanese Junior High School Students: Developing a Vocabulary Size Test for Beginner Learners
Tsuyoshi Sato

30-48 pdf

“That Sounds About Right”—Lexical Bundle Naturalness Intuitions in Japanese Learners of English
Julian Northbrook and Kathy Conklin

49-63 pdf

WordUp: An App that Teaches English Words through Extensive Exposure to Authentic Materials
Musa Nushi, Alireza Aghaei, and Maryam Roshanbin

64-72 pdf