VLI: Issue 10(2)


Vocabulary Learning and Instruction Volume 10, Number 2, December 2021 Full issue: VLI_10_2_Download

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Letter from the Editors
Christopher Nicklin and Joseph P. Vitta


Ninth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Morning Session: Vocabulary Learning


Measuring attrition of L2 productive vocabulary knowledge over the summer vacation
Brandon Kramer, Tohru Matsuo, Aaron C. Sponseller, Young Ae Kim, Suzuka Nishiyama, and Stuart McLean

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A Comparison of Textbook Vocabulary Load Analysis
Stuart Benson and Naheen Madarbakus-Ring

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The Contribution of High-frequency Multi-word Sequences to Speech Rate and Listening Perception Among EFL Learners
Michael McGuire and Jenifer Larson-Hall

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Comparisons of Word Lists on New Word Level Checker
Atsushi Mizumoto, Geoffrey G. Pinchbeck, and Stuart McLean

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Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies for the JALT Vocabulary SIG
David Beglar

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Ninth Annual JALT Vocabulary SIG Symposium Afternoon Session: Vocabulary Assessment


Correlations of Modalities of Written Vocabulary Knowledge to Listening and Reading Proficiency: A Comparison
Jeffrey Stewart, Stuart McLean, and Aaron Olaf Batty

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The Internal Consistency and Accuracy of Automatically Scored Written Receptive Meaning-Recall Data: A Preliminary Study
Stuart McLean, Paul Raine, Geoffrey G. Pinchbeck, Laura Huston, Young Ae Kim, Suzuka Nishiyama, and Shotaro Ueno

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Considerations and Challenges in Longitudinal Studies of Lexical Features in L2 Writing
Minkyung Kim

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Developing a Measure of Proper Name Familiarity for Japanese University Students
Christopher Nicklin

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Discussion Paper: Using Statistics to Solve Practical Vocabulary Problems
Jenifer Larson-Hall

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